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Wedding Highlight Reels

Wedding Highlight Reels
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Nick & Mackenzie (Wedding Video - Highlight Reel)
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John & Fallon (Wedding Video - Highlight Reel)
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Kevin & Cassie (Wedding Video - Highlight Reel)
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Scott & Emily (Wedding Video - Highlight Reel)
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With growth comes revision and with revision comes growth. An updated highlight reel format, pro audio equipment, shooting 4k video, high-resolution images and experience to not miss a beat. It’s about making life and decisions easier for you. Now introducing just that. Your wedding package starting at $2495. Pick between Video, Photo, or our hybrid shooting. Fill out the contact form for a full list of add ons that you can upgrade in a matter of seconds.



Starting package of video ($2495) or photo ($2495) includes


Video ($2495) - includes 6 hours of coverage & Highlight Reel video (5-8 mins).




Photo ($2495) - includes 6 hours of coverage with high-resolution images.